Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A Room with a View essays

A Room with a View essays A Room with a View by E. M. Forster is an excellent novel that depicts various significant historical aspects that concerns the 20th century. The author skillfully conveys his message through his characters by emphasizing on their constant desire to travel, contradicting the individuals of two social classes and illustrating the importance of the supreme power, i.e. the God and the Church. Forster clearly states that the fascinating world is getting smaller by traveling. Firstly, the novel itself is set in two different countries: England and Italy. The setting is established by British travelers at Bertolini, Italy, who make their way back-home to Surrey, England and finally, end up back in Italy. The Alan sisters amongst others have traveled to far off places across the world, including Greece, Rome, Athens, Delphi, Acropolis, Blue Sea, Parnassus, Constantinople, etc. Queen Victoria makes her journey to Ireland unwillingly, indicating that the Parliament has a higher power than the monarchy. Ms. Lavish on an account explains that due to a catastrophe in Venice, she fled to Venice in the past. She further adds that she travels around the world to get inspiration for her novels whereas other individuals opt for commercial studies for their love of tourism. Hence, Forster demonstrates through his amusing characters that it is an era of new ideas, questioning , deducing truth for themselves by exploring, freedom and personal satisfaction. The Victorian society is very rigid based on various social classes. Unrefined Emersons are most frequently victims of the snobbery due to the fact that they work hard for a living and are not socially acceptable. Upon arrival in Italy, Charlotte does not agree to exchange rooms with them because of the social pressure imagining what other people are going to think. She is also concerned about Lucy as she does not want her to feel obliged from a young, poor man, George t ...

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